Carrying options include:

The design of the scarf combines two aspects: the practical and aesthetic.
There are at least eight different ways to wear the scarf:

1. as a scarf

2. as a headscarf

3. as an original a belt Sashes (and also as a chic bandage for pregnant women)

4. as an elegant top, around the chest wound.

5. as a bolero jacket, if you goes with arms in the cuff-like sleeves.

6. like above (variant 5), but you take a vest over it (the middle part of the scarf is over your head or around the neck): as a result hood / collar and interesting medieval shaped puff sleeves

7. bag, they can be at a party or open-air use to store own coat there or at a shopping trip; 2 kg of potatoes or a pack toiletpaper can be easily transported (IMPORTANT !!! put no Portmonait and valuables pack into it;))

8. as a stylish turban (works predominate with lighter summer fabrics)

A multifunction scarf fits all matters: on special occasions and for everyday life. When compiling from our collection, we use the same interface unchanged at a range of diverse materials, so you can always find a matching scarf according to your own ideas and needs. Depending on the substance, also the aesthetic effect change. For supporting multi-function Scarves there are no age limits. Such an object has been proven as a gift!
Utility Model(patent) No.20 2006 019 562 9

Shooting winter/spring

Russian Rhapsody